At Canine Cabana, we pride ourselves in creating a boarding experience for dogs that is as close to home as possible. During the day dogs play and have fun with the staff and all the other dogs there for daycare and boarding. At night, each dog gets their dinner, one at a time, in the kitchen with our staff members. When it’s time to settle in for the night, all of the dog beds get put out around a large, queen-sized human bed that rolls into the dog area in front of the television. The little dogs get to sleep in the human bed with the staff member, and the larger dogs can choose from large, fluffy dog beds, couches, or another roll-away bed that is placed next the staff bed, just in case they like to sleep in a human bed too.

If your dog stays with us for more than a few days, we will arrange for a daily walk around the block outside to make sure your dog gets some sunshine and fresh air. Our extremely large indoor space provides more than enough room to truly run and get exercise, but a nice leisurely stroll around the block provides an added measure of normalcy and comfort. We all then fall asleep together as a pack, watching Grey’s Anatomy, ER or whatever the night brings us to watch. When we get up in the morning, we put away the beds and start breakfast, again one at a time. (We NEVER introduce food or treats in the dog play area, as it’s a trigger for some dogs for aggression). We also dispense any medicines that need to be given at any time throughout the day as directed by moms and dads. After breakfast, it’s off to start another play day as the daycare dogs start arriving for the day to romp and get their exercise.
In order to board at Canine Cabana, each dog needs to go through a temperament evaluation and registration appointment. Just show up for your appointment and bring your dog and their vaccination records. Once they pass their evaluation, they only need to attend their first FREE day of daycare before any overnight visit. This allows them to get to know our facility and staff prior to being left overnight, so that when they come back for any

boarding stay they are already familiar with us.

$40 per night

*Any stay over 7 days is 10% off, and we also offer multi-dog discounts.

SHOT REQUIREMENTS: Rabies (yearly or 3-year vaccination), DHPP (yearly or 3-year vaccination) and Bordatella (MUST be done every 6 months).
  • We request that you bring the food your dog eats for their stay with us so that they stay on their normal diet. Each meal needs to be pre-measured and placed in a baggie/Ziploc. Pack an extra bag or two of meals in case your stay gets unexpectedly delayed or your return date changes. If your dog will need 10 meals (2 per day) for their stay with us, then there should be 12-13 baggies with a meal in each. If you also feed canned food or raw, feel free to bring that and just tell us how much per meal.Bring any medicines and we will dispense them according to your instructions.
  • Pick up time is 12 noon the next day or on the day you’re getting your dog. No problem if you need to pick them up later than noon, as it will just be a daycare charge for that day not an additional boarding charge.
  • We have all neutral bedding, toys and feeding bowls…no need to bring your dogs’ personal items. If you were to bring your dog’s own bed, the other dogs would smell it and mark it and chew on it. We use all neutral items that they all can share.
  • Make sure to drop your dog off either in the morning or mid-day of the day you leave. If you drop them off at the end of the day before we close, they will be SUPER excited and hyper, while all the other dogs that have been at the facility all day will be exhausted and wanting to sleep and relax. Your dog will have more anxiety if they are left at the end of the day, so please do not drop off past 3pm on Monday through Friday, or 2pm on Saturday. We are closed for drop-offs on Sunday. (Please note…our boarding price is based on a per-night stay, so the fee is not based upon the time of day you drop your pet off with us).
  • Reservations are required for overnight stays, and it is recommended that Holiday reservations be made months in advance (especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years) as we fill up quickly for these special travel times.