We provide a comprehensive bathing service to all dogs that include bathing with an oatmeal-based shampoo (soothing and nourishing to the skin), ear cleaning, toe-nail trim, and anal gland expressing. The products we use are healthy and natural, based upon their gentleness on the skin and coat, as well as not containing chemicals that can do more harm than good. If your dog needs baths using your own prescription shampoo, we’d be more than happy to use it for your dog’s bath.

If your dog is registered with us and able to attend our daycare facilities, you can make an appt. for a bath on the day you’d
like, and then drop them off for a half or full day of daycare and we’ll make sure and bath them before they go home with you. If your dog is not registered with us (is not neutered/spayed or is not social), then we welcome your bathing appt. for a specific time, and we will then call you as soon as they are finished to be picked up.

We do require that you bring your dog’s vaccinations records to us when you schedule your first bath or visit. We will create a file for you and your dog and your records will be kept with us.


PLEASE NOTE: We do not do hair cutting/styling. We offer full-service bathing (including the aforementioned ear cleaning, toe-nail trimming and anal gland expressing). If you’d like a referral to a reputable and quality groomer that does hair cutting, feel free to call us.

Coming soon…aromatherapy bathing!

BATHS are based upon breed, size and type of coat…but range from $25 to $65+.
PAWDICURES: Nail trimming (non-aggressive dogs only) $8
BRUSH OUTS: 15 minutes of thorough brushing (no de-matting) $10