Canine Cabana offers comprehensive, enthusiastic and fun group training classes for puppies and dogs of all ages.  Training a dog has no time frame, and no matter how old your dog is they can still learn or even “refresh” their memory.  For new puppies or newly adopted dogs, the classes help to create a strong bond between you and your dog, which is essential for your dog to listen and follow through on your commands.  For older dogs, a refresher course can help to redevelop that leader/follower relationship and also strengthen your connection and relationship.

During the beginning classes, dogs will learn:  Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Leash Technique, Street Protection, Off, Don’t Touch and Agility.  There are several nights and days of the week for ongoing classes, so you can find a weekly class time that fits your schedule.   Please call us for the next class start date and further information. 

Private training sessions are also arranged with the trainer if someone is dealing with a new puppy or dog, or one that is exhibiting undesirable behavior.  The trainer will work with you and your pet to create a happy and healthy dog that will listen to your commands each and every time, no matter when, where or whether there is a treat involved!

“Obedience not only establishes you as the pack leader but is also instrumental in preventing behavioral problems before they have an opportunity to develop.  By implementing obedience and structure in your dog’s life,


not only will they become more manageable, they will also be happier…and so will you!”—Zack Grey, Trainer (Urban Tails)

Group Classes:  $150 for a 5 week course (one class a week).
Individual Sessions: Speak with trainer for quote.